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UX, Product design

A Cool Cat Companion for Music Discovery

Creating a more discreet music recognition experience.



While using a music recognition app in public, I noticed that the existing experience was broken. It's too obvious what you 're doing, and a bit clunky. So I decided to work on a solution that felt more low-key and natural. My aim was to make it conversational, so it felt like you were getting music tips from a buddy. Read more about my inspiration here.



For proof of concept, I put together a prototype using the Marvel app. The priority was to create an experience that had the same fluidity and comfort as texting your friend. I kept to the default messaging design language, since people are already comfortable with it. Small interactive text bubbles were created to show the track information and enable the user to save the track.

Hit play to activate the prototype, then click through to explore.



The free version of the app will have relevant push notifications like event promotion of the artists you have searched. You can also take direct action from the app like attending events and buying tickets or music.



I embarked on this project as an exercise in UI/UX, not as a deep delve into the development of a music recognition algorithm. So I decided to work with a android developer to push the project forward. It is currently build on top of Gracenote API and Discogs API.

It is currently available for download on the Google Play Store

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