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Elevating A Medical Marijuana Brand

Insights into creating a luxury identity for a medical marijuana company


Defying popular culture

Due to legislative changes, the Canadian medical marijuana market has been opened up in recent years. Hydropothecary was a new voice in this brand new market, and needed an identity that would help it connect with a refined, affluent audience. This meant shifting away from the tropes typically associated with marijuana culture. No tie dye, no big obvious graphics of marijuana leaves, no 420 references and colors.

The company has raised $5 million to date and plans to go public on the TSX venture.
— Metro News Ottawa

The flower

The graphic was inspired by the flower of a marijuana plant, instead of the more recognizable leaf. It's worth noting that the flower is actually the most potent part of the plant, with the highest concentration of THC. This flower was used as the connector between the two stems of an H, making it easier to reference the brand name just by looking at the icon.



The application had to feel simple but luxurious. The icon can be used with or without the wordmark to create a striking brand presence on various applications.

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