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Suzy Q
Branding, Interaction Design

Delivering Doughnuts to Your House

Creating a web experience to make ordering doughnuts fast, easy and enjoyable.


Creating a solution for the web

SuzyQ wanted a web experience that was as delightful as their doughnuts. They were also looking for a way to drive growth in their new doughnut delivery service. So we set about exploring ways to enable users to order doughnuts online.

The traffic to the website doubled after the redesign
— Shopify page stats

Home page concept

Home page developed

Store page design concept

Store page developed


Vending machine experience

The experience had to be super simple and a joy to use. The inspiration came from the experience of purchasing a box of doughnuts in the brick and mortar store. Customers are able to build their own dozens by selecting how many of each flavour they want. The goal was to recreate this for the web.


Shopify partnership

The web experience was built on Shopify. We worked in partnership with them to make it happen, since it goes beyond the platform's typical capabilities. They were very supportive, and eventually featured the project on their partner spotlight blog once it was launched.



The website is fully responsive, so you can comfortably order doughnuts through desktop or mobile.

View live website

Recognition & Credits

The website was also featured in an article in Communications Arts

I was responsible for UX, wireframes, and art direction but this would have not been possible without the collaborative efforts.

Agency: Jackpine

Web Design: Chris Plosaj

Web development: Scott Thompson

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