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Pro Bono Form
Branding, Interaction Design

Giving back to the world

I designed and developed a form for myself and other people to use on their website


Giving back

I decided I wanted to take on at least one pro bono project every year. To facilitate this, I designed a form that would make it easier to connect with not-for-profit organisations.

1,252 unique visitors in the first 2 days after going live
— Google Analytics stats

Helping other people give back

I wanted this form to be reusable by others, and I developed it with this thought in mind. Just by changing a couple of elements, designers, artists, writers or do-gooders can upload the form and use it on their own website.


Responsive design

The form can be opened from any device and from any browser. This was key to making this form accessible.

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Open source code

The code is open source and also licensed under the Creative Commons so anyone can use or modify it.

Download Github repo

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