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Designer Bio Generator

What is Designer Bio Generator?

It’s a website that was made to poke fun at the formulaic nature of designer bios. This formula was made to me clear when I was attempting to draft my own biography. It sounded a lot like other bios. I started researching this and came across a tumblr blog called Designer Bios and that is where the true inspiration came from. I found the most common sentence structure and added synonymous words or groups of words to add variation. This resulted in a thousands of combinations that sounded very real.

How do I generate my own bio?

You can use the website in the frame below or use this link.

If was featured on a few case-study blogs. It got a few international mentions aswell.

→ Design Taxi: A Tongue-In-Cheek Website That Auto-Generates Twitter Biographies For Designers
→ Creative Bloq: Create your own designer biography with this hilarious tool
→ Design Shack: The “Designer Bio Generator” is accurate, funny, and depressing all at the same time…
→ Rusbase: Каждый день менять биографию? Легко! Поможет Designer Bio Generator
→ Klonblog: Der „Designer Bio Generator“ generiert dir deinen Website-Text
→ Designer In Action: Hippe Biografien auf Knopfdruck …

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