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Coffee Booster

What is Coffee Booster?

Coffee Booster is a health brand that is currently focused on creating a line of liquid vitamins that you stir into coffee.

Coffee Booster Logo

Coffee Booster Image

My role

My initial role with Coffee Booster was to create a brand and visual identity for the new company as it ramped up to launch. I’ve continued to work closely with them in the capacity of an art director and designer, rolling out visual assets on an ongoing basis.

Coffee Booster Image

What was the goal of the project engagement?

The goal was to create a unique brand that would be easy to recognize but that also would be able to stand out in the sea of other health products.

Coffee Booster Image


I feel proud about the mark that I designed. It grabs your attention and it tells the story of the product. Adding a drop that brings wellness. So far the mark has been very well received by users and other people working in the company.

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